Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ha! I love it

D-List Blogger

Borrowed from this blog

I've had 2 links to my blog in the past 180 days - I'm a D list!! haha. Luckily I really don't care. I'm the most un-attention seeking person around and I can't be bothered 'attracting' people to my blog. I would have made a very bad celebrity!!!!

welcome to the world little Daniel

my lovely little nephew. 4 little nieces and now a nephew.
Can't wait to take him to member's Adelaide Oval to watch the test matches.

Isn't he adorable? Pic of me with him - I hate posting pics of myself but thought this was a lovely shot with me holding him.

Is it even sunrise yet?!?!?!?

Why am I awake so early on a Sunday?!?! Probably too many vodka redbulls last night so am still buzzing!
I'm FINALLY getting out and about in Sydney and meeting new people. It's hard - I'm such a social person and my fiance isn't. He's happy to be at home where I love to be out doing things all the time!

I met some new people through a website called 'meetup' - yes it's embarassing but when you hardly know anyone in a big city you need to take extreme measures!! My friend at work told me about it as she recently has been through a breakup. So on Wed night we went to a bar in town and tonight is Salsa dancing here. Looking forward to it. Last night went to a friend's party which was pretty good.

Having done a bit of deep thinking lately, after being in tears every night cos
I just don't feel like I'm coping at all over here (which is weird, I can live in England no problems, which is a lot further away from my family) I've also come to the realisation that I need to make an effort also to get on the phone to people and organise things. I'm always thinking though that people don't want to hear from me or don't want to catch up with me.... crazy! The amount of friends i have back home and the amount of people that tell me I'm a lovely, kind person - I really just lack the confidence sometimes.

Oh god look at my dribble - I'm writing like I've been doing some big fat lines!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Last weekend I was lucky enough to have my 2 beautiful nieces stay with us (and my 4 week old nephew). We picked the flower girls dresses for our nieces for our wedding and they were so excited and chuffed. Sometimes I wish I had that wonderful outlook on life where everything is fantastic, and little things are such wonderful things. I love being around kids – they bring such joy to life.

I managed to organise our other 2 nieces in Brisbane to pick up their dresses also – so 4 little flower girls at our wedding. Wow! Another thing ticked off the very long and expensive wedding list!

This weekend is another busy weekend
Pyrmont fish markets in the morning

Picnic with a few friends that I knew when I lived in Surrey, England. A couple of bottles of wine, Turkish Bread, Pate from the Norton Street Grocers, king island dairy brie, camembert paste smoked salmon and fresh meats. Perfect lazy afternoon

Dinner tomorrow night in Kings Cross – probably at Hugos Pizza bar (although this is pretty pretenscious) followed by a friend’s party around the corner. What to wear??? !!!
Sunday having my cousin and her husband around for lunch. Something simple like homemade fresh pasta stuffed with prawns and a roma tomato and bocconcini salad

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I’ll be heading back to Adelaide in less than 2 weeks for 4 days. I am so excited! Catching up with friends, organising further wedding plans, staying with my parents. Being home. I’ve decided Sydney really isn’t where I see myself long term. I’m just not a big city person. Perhaps because I spent my first 7 years living in a wonderful outback country town. I do find it quite a lonely place also, which is ironic seeing there are so many people here! Maybe because my true friends, the ones that know me to the soul are in Adelaide or in London. I don’t really have any super close friends in Sydney. My lovely fiancé feels the same. Sydney is not ‘us’. Behind the glitz and the glam of Sydney, I’ve decided I don’t suit it, and it doesn’t suit me. That’s ok though – I will enjoy it for at least the next year or so and then we’ll move on, Brisbane, Adelaide or over to Dubai.

Speaking of getting out of Sydney, it will be less than 3 weeks til I fly out to Dubai. God, I’m so excited. My best friend who is living in London is flying in to meet up – we will dine and shop and swim like there’s no tomorrow! Of course I have to do work too. I will meet up with teh lovely Jules too, whose blog is so wonderful and gives a fantastic expat insight into Dubai

Sydney has blessed me with an amazing job, which pays very well, with international travel, perks galore but of course, I’m still not totally happy. It does go to show that money definitely doesn't bring happiness. Will I ever be totally content? What am I searching for? I’ve found my partner for life now I feel like I’m looking for a place to settle. Wherever that may be. I still dream of opening up a gallery/homewares store on the coast, somewhere relaxing without loads of people. Maybe that is what I'm meant to do.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

concert fever

I was very lucky to see U2 last night. The best seats I could ask for. It was truly an amazing show! Bono is such an amazing performed and to see them live, so close was truly wonderful. How I would have loved to be at Kylie’s show on the Sunday night when he appeared. Of course I’m going to see her show in Adelaide in 2 weeks – probably the 5th time I’ve seen her perform! Proud to say I’ve supported her all along – not just since she became huge 6 years ago. The last time I saw her perform in Australia was in 1999 – in a little theatre in Adelaide, 2 years before she released Spinning Around. It was a fantastic, intimate concert. find it ironic the people that bagged her years ago but now love her as she's 'proved' herself to the media. Very hypocritical!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank god it’s Friday!

Tonight B&I are just going to relax at home, make fresh mozzarella (the white stuff, not the yellow stuff) pizzas with basil and cherry tomatoes and maybe with proscito. Have a glass or two of white and hang out. Need to save my energy for U2 on Monday night!!!

I’m looking forward to a lovely sleep in tomorrow morning. Doh – no have to go and get new tyres put on my car… joy! Before that doing sprints at the local oval, these are a killer! But great for the bum and thighs

Have a hair appointment on Saturday – am going to chop it and go a few shades lighter. I’m loving Nat’s hair in the pic below….. Short and slightly lighter although she’d look good any colour!!!

Tomorrow night, might eat out somewhere local, bottle of BYO and some curry. Yum yum

Sunday morning, need to see the sculptures by the sea exhibition near Bondi. Might have a lazy breakfast down there too.
Sunday lunch at the Exchange with a couple of friends. I love this place, it’s so handy to me, and has a super-hip-groovy feel to it. Sitting on the balcony kicking back with some vino and burgers

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dance off and glamour

wow - where does time go?!?!? It has been a crazy couple of weeks!!!!

Went to my first jazz class through the Sydney Theatre company last week. God it was so much fun!!! We learnt a 'Beyonce' type routine to Nelly Fertado's
Promiscious and then our very camp 'give me a shimmy' instructor split the group in 2 and we all had a dance off. About 70 girls and 2 gay guys in the class and no, I can't dance but hey it was fun! I've found my new cardio!!!!! 2 hours of shaking your booty.... I'll be going every Wednesday evening. Highly recommend it to anyone

This Tuesday of course was the Melbourne Cup and our lovely boss treated us all to a boozy afternoon at Randwick. My first Randwick races. I hadn't laughed so much in a long time. I looked aok in a gorgeous electric/royal blue satin knee length belted shirt/trench dress with silver heels and a huge dusky pink flower in my hair. Very nice to dress up for a change. Of course I spent the day, all class, with a bottle of non vintage chandon sparkling rose and in my hand with a hotdog in the other.... as they say, you can take the girl out of Adelaide but you can't take Adelaide out of the girl - haha

Ended up at some bar in Bondi til all hours..... thank god Melbourne Cup is only once a year!