Friday, February 15, 2008

5 months later...

Sounds like a title to a movie eh?!?! Yeah, I'm slack I know I know! But thought I might start this blog again.... at least so I have some record of what I do with my life!!!!

still in Sydney, still not loving it
Married, nearly a year
Working very hard and reaping the rewards for it
Still living in Balmain on the water

Have been pretty down lately, but am slowly getting back into life and what goes with it. I think so many things start adding up and snowballing and then everything gets too much!

Slowly getting better!

Had a great night last night, Ben was away so I took my friend out for Pizza at Love Supreme of Oxford St (fab pizzas and ginger beer) then I had 'Gold Grass' seats at the Moonlight Cinema so we saw One Night in Paris. Loved it! Reminded me of Before Sunrise/Before Sunset. Julie Delpy is a genious, so talented!!!!!

This weekend I'm going to take it easy. Pilates tomorrow and desperately want to get stuck into the running again. ben and I might go on a lovely picnic in the botanic gardens. I'm so eager to make a quiche lorraine and some freshly baked choc chip biscuits to take along with a bottle of crisp Sauv Blanc.... aah am hungry reading this!


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