Saturday, August 11, 2007

geez how slack am I?!?!

Wow I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged! Call me slack, lazy or whatever, I just never ever seem to find the time to blog! Guess it doesn't help when I have a job that I love so actually enjoy working in work time and then I get home and well, have other things to do! Guess I've never been one to 'follow through' with much at all in life!

Anyway in the past 7 months, I've gone and got married. It was amazing and impecable. All my close friends were there. The Bridgewater Mill, in the top 3 of best resturants in Adelaide, didn't disappoint. We sipped Crosier sparking all night and indulged in the best food around. It was wonderful. Anyone who visits Adelaide must visit this place and sip the Petaluma wines at the cellar door. I'll put some pics on here soon..

We had the most amazing 5 week honeymoon as yes, went all out. By all out, I mean staying at the Intercontinental in Hong Kong, with the harbour view suite..... yes and eating at Nobu Hong Kong

Staying in Rome at a this hotel, right outside out window was the Pantheon... yes it was spectacular.

Amalfi coast staying in Priano, with our balcony view overlooking the lush blue ocean - and warm enough to sun bathe!

Paris staying in the amazing apartment in the 16th arrondisimont where the Eiffel Tower was a 5 minute walk away

of course staying with my wonderful friend Val in London, she has a heart of gold and is way too generous.....

We ate at Petrus and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - Royap Hospital Road in Chelsea. I've never eaten so much fois gras in all my life as I did on my honeymoon!! haha

Of course I went mad in Topshop - was there right when Kate Moss launched her first collection, stocked up in Zara, H&M and Miss Selfridges. Fuck I wish Oz had these stores.

Relaxed in Thailand at the Amari palm reef resort on Samui. Might have to go back there for our one year wedding anniversary!!!!


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