Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Why can't I write more regularly? I guess I just don't have the concentration span to write every day perhaps!

Can't believe it's nearly May. I do love this time of the year though, Autumn. This time last year we were spending our last days in Paris, about to head to London. Honeymoon. Happy days, culture, food and laughter.

This year I spent last weekend in country NSW with family, nieces, nephew. Went to the Turner to Monet Exhibition in Canberra. Fascinating. Read a book on Van Gogh's life.

We are considering moving out of Balmain. Landlord wants to put the rent up $100 per week. Ridiculous. Think I might look around Annandale, Glebe etc. I do love the inner west and want to stay in the area.

Still trying to work out where to move next year. Brisbane or perhaps back to England (3rd time for me living there!)

Many should be exciting. Heading to the Hunter Valley for my b'day in a few weeks and doing a pasta making course. delicious! trying to get out of Sydney as much as possible!

Monday, March 10, 2008

5 things

** Mum and dad arrive on Saturday from Adelaide for 2 weeks.

** Ben and I fly to the Gold Coast next Tuesday for a wedding. Staying up there 5 nights

** I have next week off work, yippeee!!!!

** I'm so tempted to chop all my hair off, aka Twiggy or Kate Moss when it was super short. I've had short hair before and did get a lot of compliments.... mmm we'll see!

** time to do some work!
Sunny blue skies and happy days, well at least that's what the weekend should have been!!!!! Sunday was fantastic, Saturday not so much.

Since coming off anti depressants last year, I've been a bit up and down. Luckiy I hide it well, it's only my husband that really notices. But Saturday I had one of those days. Felt very down and really didn't want to do anything. Was a horrible feeling!

Actually the day started well, went for a run, then went to the organic food markets near Leichhardt. Then I got sad!

Saturday night my husband dragged me to the local lawn bowls club for dinner. Yesterday I felt much better. We started the day by heading to the Wine Festival in Hyde Park. It was great, admitedly though, not nearly as good as the Sth Australian wine festivals, didn't have the same sort of ambience and was way too crowdered for the location. Still, I manged to sip on loads of chilled rose and stuffed my face with prawn dumplings!

The afternoon got better. We headed to our local in the afternoon for some lazy sundowner drinks. Perfect Sunday!!!!!

I wish

10 years ago, I was 22, soon to be 23. I was working as a Sales Manager, straight out of university. Dad took me to see an apartment that he thought I should buy. It's in a very fashionable part of Adelaide. It was only $60 000. We spoke over coffee after viewing the property. Dad offered to lend me the deposit. I wanted to travel, there was no ifs of buts, that's what I wanted to do.

Present time, now 2008. This same apartment has just sold for $300 000. Do I wish I'd bought it 10 years ago? Yes. Would have it changed my life? Yes. Would I have still had the same travel experiences? No. I probably wouldn't have got to travel as much, things may have been delayed. I might not have met my husband. Everything does happen for a reason.... I think!

So now huband and I are looking to buy a house, we will be spending up to $700 000, we won't have a $300 000 deposit!!!!

If I'm ever given that same opportunity that I was given 10 years ago, of course I won't let it slip by. Still, travel and life experience is worth more than bricks and mortar.

Friday, February 15, 2008

5 months later...

Sounds like a title to a movie eh?!?! Yeah, I'm slack I know I know! But thought I might start this blog again.... at least so I have some record of what I do with my life!!!!

still in Sydney, still not loving it
Married, nearly a year
Working very hard and reaping the rewards for it
Still living in Balmain on the water

Have been pretty down lately, but am slowly getting back into life and what goes with it. I think so many things start adding up and snowballing and then everything gets too much!

Slowly getting better!

Had a great night last night, Ben was away so I took my friend out for Pizza at Love Supreme of Oxford St (fab pizzas and ginger beer) then I had 'Gold Grass' seats at the Moonlight Cinema so we saw One Night in Paris. Loved it! Reminded me of Before Sunrise/Before Sunset. Julie Delpy is a genious, so talented!!!!!

This weekend I'm going to take it easy. Pilates tomorrow and desperately want to get stuck into the running again. ben and I might go on a lovely picnic in the botanic gardens. I'm so eager to make a quiche lorraine and some freshly baked choc chip biscuits to take along with a bottle of crisp Sauv Blanc.... aah am hungry reading this!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I do seem to wish my life away. I guess it's great to have things to continuously look forward too though, but they are always in advance. I need to start thinking about the 'wow I'm enjoying now.....'

Anyway I am looking forward too a day off tomorrow, not for anything really in particular. I'm just run down and tired and really need to relax

-I am going to do my art homework, have sooo much to do!
-I'll go to Norton Street Grocers and stock up on fresh fruit, veggies and cheeses
-I'll try and clean up a bit seeing I have Ben's brother and his wife arriving on Saturday
-I'll spend some time with my lovely cat
-maybe have coffee locally in Balmain... or venture somewhere different for coffee

Just spend some time on my own, enjoying my time. Can't wait!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Adelaide weekender

Been a mad weekend. Went back to Adelaide to attend Kate's wedding. Was so nice to be back. We were very spoiled and stayed at the Medinia Treasury right in the heart of the city. Some of our good friend's gave us a voucher for our wedding to stay there. The heritage listed building oozes old school glamour, huge bedrooms and funky bars.

I met Mum at the Adelaide Central Markets on Saturday. This is probably what
I miss most about Adelaide, wandering the food markets, rows and rows of fresh produce, meats, seafood, cheeses. Eating breakfast washed down with freshly brewed coffee. Of course you always bump into people you know as well! My cousin and her boyfriend were also eating at the same place.. so we joined them for a leisurly morning.

In the afternoon we heading up to the gorgeous Adelaide Hills town of Uraidla, where Kate was married. She looked like a 1940s screen siren, with her chocolate hair curled down her back and her cream gown higlighting her stunning figure. The old stone church was something out of a fairy tale, as was the town itself. After a very short ceremony, Ben and I headed back to our hotel and drunk some Jansz bubbly in the Treasury Wine Bar. An evening reception followed at the Hyatt which was a load of fun. Way too much dancing and drinking!

Sunday was a day to sleep in til lunch and then head to the Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham for an afternoon lunch with my old friends. We sat on the verandah and downed sparking shiraz, seafood and gossip. I even had a little tear as I was leaving Adelaide. I miss the wide open spaces, no traffic, massive gorgeous old stone houses, the ease of getting around, my friends, my family, cheap parking, cheap eating and sparkling shiraz!!!

Landing back in Sydney - the buzz, the energy, the narrow streets around Balmain, my cat, Indy - I knew that I was home, well what I call home for the moment.... who knows where we'll end up?

The grass is definitely aways greener...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

geez how slack am I?!?!

Wow I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged! Call me slack, lazy or whatever, I just never ever seem to find the time to blog! Guess it doesn't help when I have a job that I love so actually enjoy working in work time and then I get home and well, have other things to do! Guess I've never been one to 'follow through' with much at all in life!

Anyway in the past 7 months, I've gone and got married. It was amazing and impecable. All my close friends were there. The Bridgewater Mill, in the top 3 of best resturants in Adelaide, didn't disappoint. We sipped Crosier sparking all night and indulged in the best food around. It was wonderful. Anyone who visits Adelaide must visit this place and sip the Petaluma wines at the cellar door. I'll put some pics on here soon..

We had the most amazing 5 week honeymoon as yes, went all out. By all out, I mean staying at the Intercontinental in Hong Kong, with the harbour view suite..... yes and eating at Nobu Hong Kong

Staying in Rome at a this hotel, right outside out window was the Pantheon... yes it was spectacular.

Amalfi coast staying in Priano, with our balcony view overlooking the lush blue ocean - and warm enough to sun bathe!

Paris staying in the amazing apartment in the 16th arrondisimont where the Eiffel Tower was a 5 minute walk away

of course staying with my wonderful friend Val in London, she has a heart of gold and is way too generous.....

We ate at Petrus and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - Royap Hospital Road in Chelsea. I've never eaten so much fois gras in all my life as I did on my honeymoon!! haha

Of course I went mad in Topshop - was there right when Kate Moss launched her first collection, stocked up in Zara, H&M and Miss Selfridges. Fuck I wish Oz had these stores.

Relaxed in Thailand at the Amari palm reef resort on Samui. Might have to go back there for our one year wedding anniversary!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007


I swear I reckon I have an alcohol addiction. I give up smoking after 11 years (best thing I've ever done - 8 months now) but now I just can't give up alcohol.

last night went to a theatre launch, new play by Darlinghurst Theatre. Free bubbly... of course I had to drink loads. Today (Friday) at lunch went out for work drinks down to Darling Harbour, like we do every friday - downed another half bottle of bubbly.

I'm terrible!!!! Maybe having 2 alcoholic grandparents doesn't help..........

anyway looking forward to the weekend. Off to Summit Restaurant and Orbit bar for b'day dinner/drinks tomorrow night. Finalising details of hens night - don't think there will be many people there as most friends are from Adelaide. Fitting in some yoga and running. Picnic for my dear beloved on Sunday. Relaxing

no alcohol!?!?! Of course I have to drink Saturday night! Oh dear

compliment for the day - new girl starting couldn't believe I'm 31- said I looked amazing....... oh bless!