Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunny blue skies and happy days, well at least that's what the weekend should have been!!!!! Sunday was fantastic, Saturday not so much.

Since coming off anti depressants last year, I've been a bit up and down. Luckiy I hide it well, it's only my husband that really notices. But Saturday I had one of those days. Felt very down and really didn't want to do anything. Was a horrible feeling!

Actually the day started well, went for a run, then went to the organic food markets near Leichhardt. Then I got sad!

Saturday night my husband dragged me to the local lawn bowls club for dinner. Yesterday I felt much better. We started the day by heading to the Wine Festival in Hyde Park. It was great, admitedly though, not nearly as good as the Sth Australian wine festivals, didn't have the same sort of ambience and was way too crowdered for the location. Still, I manged to sip on loads of chilled rose and stuffed my face with prawn dumplings!

The afternoon got better. We headed to our local in the afternoon for some lazy sundowner drinks. Perfect Sunday!!!!!


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