Thursday, September 20, 2007


I do seem to wish my life away. I guess it's great to have things to continuously look forward too though, but they are always in advance. I need to start thinking about the 'wow I'm enjoying now.....'

Anyway I am looking forward too a day off tomorrow, not for anything really in particular. I'm just run down and tired and really need to relax

-I am going to do my art homework, have sooo much to do!
-I'll go to Norton Street Grocers and stock up on fresh fruit, veggies and cheeses
-I'll try and clean up a bit seeing I have Ben's brother and his wife arriving on Saturday
-I'll spend some time with my lovely cat
-maybe have coffee locally in Balmain... or venture somewhere different for coffee

Just spend some time on my own, enjoying my time. Can't wait!


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