Thursday, August 31, 2006


mmmm when an anchor forgets to turn her mike off........... full article here in SMH.

Paula Abdul.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What I'm loving

1. Mum is coming from Adelaide to stay for nearly a week on Friday which means.... BBq at home Friday night, bridal shopping Saturday, dinner @ Chopsticks Balmain on Sunday night... ferry to Manly on Sunday and eating at the Bavarian Bier Cafe (of course this is my fiancee's choice as the waitresses where tight,low cut shirts with their breasts hanging out) but I have to admit that the food and beer and shots are fab! oh and dinner next Tuesday night in Leichhardt with at my cousins and shopping!

2. Spring is nearly here (apart from the crappy day today)

3. Gucci purple pumps (see below)- unfortunately I can't find a pic of them on the net but saw them in Madison magazine of all things. Infact am loving the whole purple thing (is it here yet??)

4. I'm finally getting my hair cut on Friday - after 3 cancellations! I really really want to chop it off (again) aka: Natalie Imbruglia's new cut or a choppy bob but think I'll wait a bit.... want to wear it up at my wedding

5. the thought of the Amalfi coast on our honeymoon next year... ahhh

Gucci pumps in gold - I really want the purple glitter ones- am seriously considering buying them but for $690........... mmm, but I want!!! Can't find a pic of the purple

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

friends and dating

Two people I know well are both dating currently. Both are living in Sydney, and I just love hearing about the dates and the men.

It is really like Sex and the City. I think these 2 friends of mine should meet!!

It takes me back to probably 4 - 5 years ago when I was living in England. My diary was full, out nearly every night and lots of dates. It was a lot of fun! Yep and a lot of losers! I would love getting all dressed up, getting horribly drunk or chemically induced and go out - all night. I got too skinny, I didn't eat, I just drunk and partied and dated!

Both these friends of mine in Sydney are equally as gorgeous. My English friend who lives here is an absolute stunner with a model figure, oh and a very nice person. She is dating about 3 different guys including her ex...... I have to book a lunch appointment with her weeks in advance and a Saturday evening? Months in advance!

Julia - the other friend is also stunning. She seems to be attracting some not-so-date material but all in all I guess it's a lot of fun and I love reading about her adventures.

It's amazing that the dating culture in Australia is finally happening. When I was in my early 20s noone really dated too much. I guess with the likes of Lava Life and RSVP and Speed Dating, it's opened up a whole new dating scene. One I just sit back and watch now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum

My mother turned 65 today. Not only is she my mother but she is my best friend.

How I really wanted to see her today- take her out for a coffee and a slice of carrot cake for morning tea. Followed by a long lunch at Scampis in Glenelg, Adelaide.

But I'm here in Sydney. Although mum is coming over in less than 2 WEEKS! you can imagine how excited I am!!!! Yay for mothers!

Things I love about mum:

She's the friendliest person in the world
She is always happy to hear from me
She doesn't judge, she is caring and kind
She is a fab cook
She has bought me up to be strong, independent, considerate and not to judge

I love you mum

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am NOT Bride-zilla

I am getting married next April (14th) and I really am surprised at how ‘un’ bridey I am. I haven’t even started looking for a dress yet (although I do have appointments coming up at Steven Khalil (my 2nd dream behind J’Aton), Lisa Gowing, Karen Willis Holmes and Corston BridalI would love a Jenny Packham (fab British designer) dress from Helen Rodrigues but can’t justify paying 2.5x the price as it would cost me in London! Oh and Vera Wang is another dream, but again can’t justify it!

Anyway I have had offers galore from local friends who want to come with me bridal shopping but I just want to go it alone or with my mum who is coming to visit in September – yippee!!!!!!

Anyway – I have discovered some people have whole Wedding blogs/webpages – there is one hilarious blog I found which gives links for different members of the bridal party and a ‘password protected’ page – haha!. There is also a ‘FAQ’ section on this wedding webpage, haha – which gives answers to questions such as ‘Gift registry questions’, Are children allowed?’ And a link on each member of the bridal party..... I know I shouldn’t have posted it but I couldn’t help myself!

Some of these people think they are famous! I kinda like the idea of a page to jot ideas down – I’m not saying they are a bad thing but some people are definitely over the top! I just don’t seem to get the time to set up my own wedding blog and I’m really not that into the whole thing. Of course I’m so excited but I’m not going to get obsessed about it............... (watch this space..........)

Vera Wang - stunning

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Well I managed to complete the City to Surf from Sydney to Bondi in 77 minutes. (1:17) Boy was it tough!!!! The toughest run I have ever completed!!! Although the views were fabulous.......... the atmosphere was also amazing! This fitness things is continuing, am going to join a local run group on Thursay nights - to meet some new people in Sydney - (definitely miss my friends back home) and to keep up the running

Saturday and Sunday afternoon had to spend studying as unfortunately I had an assignment due on Monday! Not fun! Not with the glorious weather we have been having here.

Am looking forward to some R&R this weekend, if the weather is nice - head to the beach, have a pub lunch and a bottle of vino. Perfect

Friday, August 04, 2006

This weekend

Can't believe it is Friday already!!!!!!!!! Not that I'm complaning........

Looking forward to relaxing tonight, no plans apart from a bit of study!

Saturday we are off to a blessing in Crows Nest of one of my friend's babies.. should be great to catch up with a lot of old Adelaide friends and then have morning tea afterwards.

Saturday afternoon and evening more study I'm afraid! I might just have to watch the rugby also...

Sunday - my final big run before the 14km City to Surf from the City to Bondi in a week on Sunday. I am excited but not very excited about all the crowds. But I do love fun runs and the fact that I've gotten fabulously fit and toned from all my training the past couple of months!!! Better keep it up for Summer....

Sunday afternoon, yes more study! And perhaps go shopping for some plants for our balcony - kaffir lime, thai basil and coriander at least - I miss all my plants back home!!!!! And maybe a lazy bottle of red in front of a DVD.

have a fab weekend!

last weekend

One of my best friends spent 3 days with me in Sydney, last Sat, Sun and Monday. It was so great to see a familiar Adelaide face and to hang out and do all the girlie stuff – I so miss that! Haven’t really found many people to do that with yet!!

Saturday afternoon K arrived and we had a glass of bubbly as soon as we got to mine. We then walked up and had a look at the fab Balmain Markets where they sell the best cupcakes! After looking at some other shops around Balmian we headed back to mine and srarted to get ready for the nights activities!

Pre dinner drinks – the Royal @ Paddington
Dinner – Tapenade just across the road (the most divine little Tapas restaurant)
More drinks at so many different pubs, I had no idea where I was! So I can’t give you a rundown! Ended up back at mine at 2am very drunk but I had no cigarettes – nearly 8 weeks now! Pretty impressed!!!

Sunday we shopped til we dropped, then lunch by the Ocean and then ate dinner with some friends at Our Place restaurant in Balmain, fab food, fab BYO and fab fun!!! Of course we drunk South Australian sparkling shiraz. (NSW don't seem to drink this in pubs and restaurants....) Ever in Balmain - check out this spot to eat, absolutely gorgeous!!!