Friday, January 19, 2007

I can't think of a title

Well another day of the healthy eating and exercise plan…. Ok so I we had a BBQ @ work today and I had 2 snags BUT I did go for a 30 minute run this morning and did a 45min pilates reformer class. After only a few weeks of this special eating and exercise plan, I can really notice the difference! Starting to feel fabulous again. Even though my body is in pain all the time!!!!!! Oh and the great thing about the diet is lots of meat!!!! Yay!

Glad it’s the weekend. It’s been a week of uppers and downers – a real mixed bag. Missing Adelaide like there’s no tomorrow, especially with my mum and dad not all that well – I just pray that they are getting better and will be fit and healthy in no time. Emails from friends in London also make it hard – as I yearn to live there again too – I guess at least I get to go back in May for a holiday. Being unsettled is such horrible feeling

Tonight am going to Bungalow 8 for a few drinks – never been there before, I’m really hoping it’s not wanky and pretentious…… (I'm sure it will be!!!)
Tomorrow another priest appointment and then lunch in the east.
Sunday more tennis, a run and of course the beach (have not been to the beach this summer – I really don’t like crowded beaches which is a bit hard in Sydney!!)
oh and doing wedding stuff, just for something different!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if all this exercise pain is worth it?!?!? I’m sure it will be on my wedding day and honeymoon but at the moment – one more Pilates Reformer Class, one more 8km run or one more set of bicep curls just seems too painful!!! I even walked to work this morning from bloody Balmain. Got all hot and sweaty for all of the wrong reasons!

The only thing that keeps me going is the comment from a girl I worked with who said I had the most amazing thighs.. (ok so I’ve got good legs – it’s the killer abs and arms I want!!!!)

God my other new addiction is Melrose Place. I bought the entire Series 1 on DVD and every night I have to watch at least 1 episode. I’d totally forgotten how absolutely HOT Jake is... And how annoying Alison is and how stunning Jane is.. I’m going to organise a Melrose pizza and wine night soon – just like the old times.

off the topic - Bought my wedding shoes from Gary Castles - cream leather stilettos, I have no idea how the fuck I'm meant to walk in them but hey, they look good... and at least I can dye them black or red after the wedding

Monday, January 15, 2007

Perfect Day

Yesterday was probably the best day I’ve had in Sydney. Finally summer seems to have landed.... FINALLY! I actually felt very happy and had a wonderful day. Started with a 30 minute jog around Balmain – always makes me feel fab after a long run! Then B&I went to Leichhardt to do the weekly grocery shopping – god I love Leichhardt, infact I just love the Inner West of Sydney – it has so much character. After stocking up on way too many gourmet delights I then headed over to my friend’s place in Paddington where we went for a 90 minute walk through Centennial Park (reminded me so much of Hyde Park in London – can’t believe I’d never been there before!!!) Of course looked at the shops along Oxford Street....

Then B&I played tennis in Birchgrove for an hour – the court has a stunning view over the water. It was a magic day!!!! I then collapsed on the couch and cracked open a bottle of Oyster Bay sauv blanc......

ok in 3 months I'll be a MRS!!!!!!!!!!!! And lazing in the stunning B&B we've booked for our 2 nights after our wedding. I'm so god dammed excited! And terribly excited about the 6 weeks through Asia and Europe.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sydney NYE fireworks

Yes I'm very lucky. The building we live in has the most amazing view of the Harbour and the bridge - so we took advantage of it and watched the fireworks without the usual drunken crowds. I am a NYE hater but this one just gone was perfect.

Sydney sure knows how to put on an amazing display. Of course I downed a bottle of french bubbly which added to my excitment....

pics taken by the very talented husband to be.......


Fuck it - think I will start posting regularly again, otherwise I forget about all the fun things in my life!!

Today Ben and I went to see the priest - we have to do this computer survey to see if we should really be getting married. Actually it was kinda fun but I did have a laugh thinking that some people must actaully believe that.........

a) having a baby will solve all your problems and

b) getting married will make all of your issues magically disappear

ok some people definitely get married for the WRONG reasons.

13 weeks to go! woo hoo

Then we had a leisurely lunch in Balmain. My good friend in Sydney asked if I'd like to go to pilates reformer with her at Bondi this afternoon but going to go to the movies instead. I've done more work outs this week I'm starting to make Jane Fonda seem lazy........

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wow it has been so long since I posted – luckily I’m way to busy to post on here anymore!!!

Had a fabulous time in Dubai, thanks for those that asked me how the trip went, it was amazing! I swear Dubai definitely gives Ibiza a run for it’s money, way cool clubs, including the super groovy Bar 360 which is set out in the ocean, you can only get there by registering and then get a golfy buggy to this bar, I was in heaven! DJ from Bar Mambo in Ibiza played his chilled tunes to relax too. Wow, kicked back with the hubbly bubbly and really thought I was in heaven (pics below - one looking to the Burj Dubai from Bar 360). Even though Dubai was a work trip, I had plenty of time to shop – including H&M where I stocked up on the Viktor & Rolf for H&M latstest collection, dresses dresses dresses! And went mad in Zara and Boots chemist.
Adelaide was fantastic over Xmas, so glad that not many people rave about it, leaves all the wonderful places for me!!!! Spent time at Russell’s Pizza (best pizza in the country) in the Mc Laren Vale wine district, very rustic and very cool, lunched at Salopian Inn and of course sipped wine at my all time faves Coriole and D’arenberg Winery. Oh how I so miss South Australia. We rented a gorgeous B&B near all the vineyards and not too far from the ocean. I so can't wait to go back there and get hitched.

The saddest moment was saying goodbye to my lovely Labradar, Amber, who lived with my parents in Adelaide. She was put down after cancer took over her body. I still get teary thinking about it.

Getting married very very soon. Have joined a new gym where I’m doing loads of pilates reformer and weights – my body is getting toned and terrific very quickly, am very happy!!!

Keep posted for more exciting news