Friday, September 15, 2006

my perfect day.........

Shopping and partying in NYC with Winona and Kate. I wish I had the Johnny Depp connection also!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Audrey Hepburn - GAP commercial

Audrey Hepburn, from a scene in Funny Face (such a great scene). Quite like the GAP ad... and what's not to love about Audrey?

A hump day review.........

*welcoming the birth of Jack Oliver into the world - born yesterday in Adelaide to my fab friends D&G

*found wedding dress with mother (on Saturday) (am deliriously happy - it looks so stunning on.... it's a copy of another designer but about $10 000 cheaper... and it will be hand made and made to measure)

*having mum here tiring but so fantastic... we kicked back and downed a bottle of vintage 1996 Jansz sparkling white (if you can't drink French champagne, this is Australia's next best thing)... oh and we did kick back and drink the Veuve also...

*Gelati on Saturday at Watson's Bay tea gardens - with the harbour bridge in the distance, overlooking the crystal still waters

*eating at Cafe Jolly in Leichhardt with my cousin and mother on Tuesday night. Fab cheap pasta, packed to the brims on a Tuesday. will be going back my cousin owns the most stunning terrace I have ever seen - just down the road from Norton Street

*day off on Wednesday... and shopping at the Norton Street grocers in Leichhardt.

I have falled in love with Sydney's inner west... it has such charm and character... so glad we are living here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday fun

I love Friday's

Their is always excitement in the air on Fridays. (for me anyway)

Every alternate Friday we go to CBD Hotel in the city for a few games of pool and drinks. Othe ofther fridays we head for Yum Cha to East Ocean in China Town. Today is CBD, pool and some cheeky cheap wine.

Today I'm also going to the airport to pick up my mum who's flown in from Adelaide (god how I miss it!). We are having a BBQ on our balcony this evening and will be drinking a bottle of Veuve Champagne which i was given from my boss at work. (yes we work hard, play hard and the rewards are always good!)

Tomorrow bridal shopping and lunch at the Royal in Paddington at 5 ways with mum and a good friend. Fabulous sunny day again!