Sunday, April 30, 2006

My engagement - March 13th 2006

I thought I better give a run down of my proposal. Luckily BS and I have been so busy organising our move to Sydney that I haven't thought too much about everything!

We were in Sydney for a long weekend March 11 - 13. On the Saturday night we went out to dinner with some of BS's friends in Manly. I had already had a liquid lunch at Darling Harbour with a good English friend of mine - so was ready for a big night. BS said after dinner how about just us 2 go for a walk along the beach................... of course after dinner and a bottle of bubbly I wanted to kick on with everyone........ we ended up at the Bavarian Beer Cafe at Manly Wharf........... after a few steins of beer and butterscotch schnapps as well as the most delicious 'Apple Strudel Cocktail' (I so have to go back for those!) I was quite tipsy and ready to go back to our hotel in the city. So we all jumped in a cab. BS and I were sitting in the back of the cab. I felt a big box in his pocket and was asking what it was. (I thought it could be a Tiffany necklace that I'd asked for). He was determined I didn't see what it was!!!!

The next day we were a bit hungover and had afternoon tea plans with friends near North Sydney. That evening we were thinking of going to the Shangri-Lai Hotel (appparently there is an amazing bar there with the most magical views of Sydney Harbour) but I was sooo hungover that I just wanted to sleep!!!!

Monday (March 13) came and we were flying out in the afternoon. I wanted to go shopping on my own along Oxford Street and to Bondi Junction Westfield. I was arranging to meet BS in the Botanic Gardens at around half 12. We met near the Botanic Gardens (just after I'd seen the Queen in her car) and we walked along towards Lady Macquries Chair (viewpoint). We sat on the park bench while all the joggers went by and Ben casually asked me to marry him. It was just so lovely!!!!! unfortunately we had to rush off to our plane just after that!

So I've organised the wedding in a very rustic 1800s church in the Adelaide Hills, followed by a recpetion at the Bridgewater Mill (it is the most stunning place with such delicious food). It will be in April next year - in Autumn. Should be magical with all of the leaves changing colour and falling, lots of reds, oranges and yellows.

Right I promise not a lot of 'bridal' posts!!!!!
(unfortunately I think a J'aton gown is out of the question........)

more to tell - more to tell!

We are planning our honeymoon - I am more excited about this than the wedding!!!!! Starting in LA then New York, then to Paris, train to Rome, 7 nights around Positano on the Amalfi Coast, then fly to London, 7 nights there then to Ireland. Back through Asia........ yippeee!!!!

Also I haven't worked now for nearly 3 months. i highly recommend having a break from work - if you can afford it! It has been so good for me, really has relaxed me and given me plenty of time to think about what I want to do....... mum had a dream the other night that I was working at Chanel... now that would be pretty cool!!!!

wow so long - so much to tell!

It has been waaaaaaaaaay too long since I have posted!!! So much has been happening - where do I start!

A run down:

1) Have a gained an engagement ring..... yes, a simple but stunningly elegant 1 carat diamond ring, brilliant cut... with little diamonds either side

2) Wedding next April...... I have not turned into a 'horror' bride to be. Went to my first bridal fair yesterday.. it was hideous!!!! I nearly ran out after 5 mintues

3) We are moving to Sydney. That's right. I'n 6 day's time!!! My fiance's company are putting us up for the 1st month in an apartment near North Sydney. I am so excited!!!! It will only be for a few years as I want to bring kids up with a decent backyard - either Adelaide or Brisbane.

4) my current look swaps between my tsubi black skinny zip jeans which I bought last year (I am really over the skinny jean look though at the moment.....) with a pair of flats and a very 80s grey and black stripey top or my leggings (that's right) teamed with a dress or mod thigh length jumper my mum used to wear..... tragic but kinda cool!

5) my hair is currently SO dark brown it is almost black! Too dark!!!! And I have been curling it like there's no tomorrow - so bored with it!!!!

6) that is all!