Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Is there anything more magnificent than sunset? (ok maybe sunrise, sex and champagne...) I've been lucky to witness some of the most magical sunsets in the world, from the little village of Oia in Santorini, Greece to the gorgeous French seaside village, Biarritz near the Spanish border and even the magic sunsets over the ocean where I live. But the photo above is of Darwin, which Ben took several years ago. It captures the beauty and the serenity of the sunset.

On that note, goodnight, bon nuit!

Monday, August 29, 2005


Hotdogs and hangovers are a perfect marriage.... so is
icecream and hangovers
chocolate and hangovers
pasta and hangovers

mmm i've had a day of it today! 'Comfort junk' I like to call it. Anything to make me feel a wee bit better! I'm busy flicking through the pages of the detox diet which will start tomorrow............. 2 weeks of pure goodness... JOY!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Time: 6:30pm
Day: Sunday
Feeling: very hungover
WHY?: See below

Yesterday (Saturday) started off swimmingly. With my b/f accidently phoning me about 4 times at 6am, I was soon out of bed! I went for a 10km run, which I managed to do in a fantastic time of just over 50 minutes. Feeling on fire and ready to tackle the world afterwards, I got myself dressed and looking fresh to go and get my hair done.

Wearing: Tsubi wideleg jeans *these are hot*
sass and bide black t-shirt
v neck tight brown top
cute Japanese ballet flats in black and silver

There is really nothing better than having your hair cut, coloured and straigtened after so long! I felt pretty hot with my 'new do' and was ready for a liquid lunch to celebrate.

12:30pm Saturday. Pick great friend Miss M up at hers and head to the Pier for lunch and bubbles, actually the order was bubbles and lunch and more bubbles then dinner then ouzo and cokes!

After the first bottle and lots of water, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy. The glorious early spring day was beating down on my back as I savoured the moment of the lapping ocean so close. The tomato, basil, oregano and boccicini cheese pizza that I ate managed to soak up some of the bubbles.

Another bottle and then we decided to move inside, around 4pm, to watch some football and grab a stool. From 4pm - 10pm I can't remember a lot. Some fine looking man that Miss M quite fancies came up to us and had a chat. Quite cute but a wee bit arrogant. some other guy asked me what my T-shirt said........ interesting. Finally I'd hit the brick wall. I knew I had to be up early to get to the movies so I dragged Miss M out of the bar and we headed back to her place.

I so can't do days/nights like this anymre - I'm 30 for goodness sake!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ah spring........

Yes spring is nearly here. The days are longer, the skies are bluer and the birds are chirpier. Tomorrow will be the warmest day in several months, which of course means pulling out all of those summery clothes to wear...........

God, I just tried on a skirt from last summer......... all those deicious pies, cakes and roasts are definitely showing!!! Even though I run between 20 - 30km per week, it hasn't stopped me from expanding a bit around the middle! Time to start eating 'lighter', lots of fruits and salads and not so much lindt chocolate and sticky date puddings (*drool*)

The weekend has landed..................

And I am studying on a Friday night!!!! Pretty tragic.

I am very excited about my day tomorrow though:
7am - up and at it for a 10km run......... burn baby burn!
10am - hair cut and coloured, my hair is finally growing - about 2 inches past my collar bone now! Better not chop it off!
12:30pm - a long liquid lunch with a good friend at a pub near the beach. It's going to be a wonderfully sunny and warm day
7pm - dinner at good friend's. She has a beautiful little baby, bless

10:30am - going to the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
afternoon - study!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Weekends are fabulous! I love getting all wrapped up in my weekends and savouring every moment.

Last weekend was a fine example. My lovely boyfriend was home for the week. So we spent a wonderful Saturday and Sunday together. Saturday we woke up early (I went for my regulatory run) and then we headed to the famous Adelaide Markets to do some shopping. These markets are a dream. I love walking through and soaking up the atmosphere. My tummy rumbles when I smell the sweet fresh baking of brioche bread and croissants. I plan the feast through my eyes........ king prawns, check; lobster, check; Kangaroo Island organic lamb, check; Ethipoian Mocha fresh coffee beans, check: And of course, all that cheese!!!! I am more excited over cheese than shoes! (Especially baked ricotta cheese from the Margaret River region)

yes I am a foodie! Now, where was I? Yes Ben and I went to the markets and filled our bags with fresh produce and then stopped for an espresso while reading the papers.

My dream Saturday morning.

Sunday it was my dear mother's birthday. We celebrated with a lunch at the oh so divine Woodstock Winery. The winery is hidden amongst the native trees, off the beaten track. It may be away from the hustle and the bustle of the city but they sure know how to cook!!! There is nothing better than a long Sunday lunch, crackling wood fire, and a few glasses of Shiraz with family. Oh and did I mention their sweet white dessert wines??? By golly they are fab! Woodstock Botrytis

ok enough about my weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a bit about me

It's amazing how your tastes change as you get older. My dream Saturday night these days (espcially in Winter) is wearing my daggiest tracksuit pants, ugg boots and curling up on the couch and watching a DVD, usually an old classic such as Roman Holiday or An Affair to Remember

Rewind 4 years ago and I was up til all hours, in my 4 inch stilettos, chain smoking and snogging whoever was closest!!! haha. I am getting older!

Jansz sparkling
Woodstock botrytis
Shaw and Smith Sauv Blanc

Fresh prawns
any recipe by Gordon Ramsay
lindt chocolate

Groove Armarda
wooden floorboards

Alexander McQueen
Vivienne Westwood
Anna Sui

looking good

my first blog

I've never done this before! But thought I'd start a blog.

Not too much to say here really. Am working from home at the moment cos the nobs at work are forever doing my head in. Fun fun. Trying to sort out a powerpoint presentation that I have to present to a client tomorrow.

better get moving