Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I love a fab frock. Unfortunately I don't tend to 'dress to the nines' when I go out......... unlike the 'Sex and the City' girls.

I love the frock below, worn by Victoria Beckham, at the Costume Institute Benefit Gala "Anglomania" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The one worn by Sarah Jessica Parker.... not so sure - but I do believe tartan is making a huge comeback!


I detest moving! And at the moment I am really hating having to choose a 'temporary' wardrobe to last me a whole month. Everything else is going into storage........ I can only fit so much onto a domestic flight...........

I have strict instructions to only pack 3 pairs of shoes for a month....... yep, only 3 pairs. I have a 'shoe addiction' - it is like telling an alcoholic he/she can only have 3 drinks for the entire month.

So I've narrowed it down to 9 pairs - (I can always buy more when I get to Sydney):

my kitten heel ruched black leather ankle boots
my stiletto heel chocolate brown knee high boots
DKNY casual trainers
black and silver japanese ballet flats
pale green leather flats
2 pairs work shoes (black round toe mary janes and black pointy kitten heels)
killer heels