Thursday, March 09, 2006

Adelaide Fringe/Festival/Writer's Week

There is so much happening in Adelaide at the moment, with the Festivals on. Definitely my favourite time of the year - beautiful blue skies, warm temperatures and long days.

Tuesday I was lucky enough to sit front row at Writer's Week, listening to Minette Walters - who I love! And had The Devil's Feather signed. (her new novel). She was such a lovely person - really friendly, super intelligent and super charming! It was a relaxing morning, drinking freshly brewed coffee and enjoying Writer's Week

Tuesday night I went to see the Umbilical Brothers perform - I have never been a fan at all but their new show was very funny - I highly recommend them if you're feeling flat.

Last Sunday night my family and I went to see Il Cielo che Danza (The Dancing Sky) - which was the opening of Adelaide Festival. We sat by the river, drinking wine and eating delicious delights and watched the amazing Italian production above us... it was perfection.

Tonight we are off to a late (10:30pm) performance of La Clique - A Sideshow Burlesque... which is a circus with a difference. Looking forward to that!!!

Dreading having to wake up at half five tomorrow morning to jump on a plane to Sydney!!!

Pics of the Dancing Sky (not taken by me... SMH and Adelaide Festival website) and our fab view (taken by me)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Best Oscar Fashion

Well Jessica Alba definitely stole the show in her Gold Versace gown. Stunning figure and stunning dress.

Love it love it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

five food challenges 2006

The lovely Jules linked me to The Five Food Challenges for 2006

Before I start though - i must thank Jules from DragonGirl and Jayne from It has a y for linking me in their blogs. I really appreciate you including me.

Anyway 5 food challenges - and one is starting RIGHT NOW! I have friends and my mother arriving in 3 hours for the Oscars - am serving Strawberry Champagne Cocktails and cocktail food....... so my first one is listed below:

1. Successfully make mussels with a herb brioche crust and langoustine cocktail out of Gordon Ramsay's Secrets recipe book for tonight... fingers crossed

2. learn how to cook beautiful french food - including a traditonal Marseillaise bouillabaisse and a perfectly delicious Creme Brulée

3. eating out at DIFFERENT restaurants - instead of always going back to the same! I want to eat degustation at the Grange Restaurant at the Adelaide Hilton.

4. Have a fab Dinner Party this winter with lots of wine, wintery food (proabably a roast lamb) and stodgy puddings (I love bread and butter pudding - made with brioche bread)

5. Eat more take out!!! I love cooking and hardly ever get take out.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

J'adore Alexander McQueen

Not everyone loves Tartan and not everyone loves Kate Moss. But I do. And his 2006 fall ready-to-wear Paris Fashion Show would have been amazing. Wow. Paying homage to Kate Moss through a holographic display.... what more can I say! Some pics below (none of the Kate Moss bit though....)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

my flowers update

As I posted previously, I have managed to grow some flowers from seedlings. They are really blooming now!!!!!