Friday, February 16, 2007


I swear I reckon I have an alcohol addiction. I give up smoking after 11 years (best thing I've ever done - 8 months now) but now I just can't give up alcohol.

last night went to a theatre launch, new play by Darlinghurst Theatre. Free bubbly... of course I had to drink loads. Today (Friday) at lunch went out for work drinks down to Darling Harbour, like we do every friday - downed another half bottle of bubbly.

I'm terrible!!!! Maybe having 2 alcoholic grandparents doesn't help..........

anyway looking forward to the weekend. Off to Summit Restaurant and Orbit bar for b'day dinner/drinks tomorrow night. Finalising details of hens night - don't think there will be many people there as most friends are from Adelaide. Fitting in some yoga and running. Picnic for my dear beloved on Sunday. Relaxing

no alcohol!?!?! Of course I have to drink Saturday night! Oh dear

compliment for the day - new girl starting couldn't believe I'm 31- said I looked amazing....... oh bless!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I don't understand people who drink skim lattes or caps etc. Firstly it tastes f**king disgusting, 2nd it's really not how coffee is meant to be drunk (try ordering a skinny cap in Italy and you'll be laughed at) 3rdly a full cream cap won't make you fat, it's the piece of cake or chocolate bar you have with it that will!!!

It's now less than 2 months til the wedding. I'm so excited!! woo hoo. The 5 week honeymoon through Asia and Europe is very exciting too. Can't wait to catch up with long lost friends in London and shop til I drop in H&M and Topshop.....

Big plug to our photog for our wedding - Brett @ allpics, very talented, went to school with and has snapped everyone from Paris Hilton to Geoffrey Rush and Bob Hawke. Getting married - I seriously suggest contacting him. He's great

My wonderful fiance was away for Valentine's Day - not that I was bothered as I don't really 'get' the whole day. Still, of course I was over the moon when I was sent a dozen red roses, a teddy bear, chocolates....... very very sweet of him.

Looking forward to going to a theatre launch tonight.... will be great to meet new people etc

Friday, February 02, 2007

another week

lovely short week this week after spending 4 days in Brisbane last week. Wow - I so love the lifestyle up there! So relaxed, very chilled and not too busy. Ate way too much seafood, got ultra brown and spent hours relaxing in the pool. No wonder Queenslanders are so god dammed happy!!! Probably the reason I'm marrying one!

Watched Babel. Fantastic movie. Makes me so want to go to Tokyo!

Sent invites out for wedding (well most of them!)

This weekend is majorly crazy
pizza with good friend at the Australian Hotel tonight in the Rocks. Fabulous food!
1st b'day party tomorrow morning. Yay! I love babies!
Another dress fitting - can't wait, I so love my wedding dress
Dinner tomorrow night at Cafe Sydney (never been there)
Sunday - art gallery exhibition

Wow! Love the weekends!