Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Homesick....... lonely but all is good!

It has been soooooooo long since I’ve blogged at all! I get very jealous of people who find regular time to blog – unfortunately I’m not one of those people . . . but because I’m feeling run down today at work and can’t concentrate I thought I’d blog.

Benn living in Sydney nearly 3 months now – time flies! And although I do like it, I’m feeling incredibly homesick and lonely – missing my mum and dad and good friends and just the lovely things about Adelaide, vineyards so close, central food markets, cheap parking, easy driving, knowing how to get to A to B without having to plan the route for half an hour beforehand! Maybe I’m not a really big city person?

Saying that I’m sure I’ll meet some new people soon – I love living in Balmain in the Inner West. It has such a gorgeous village feel with fab pubs and restaurants. And I do like my new job – it’s fun and exciting with overseas travel involved. But of course there is nothing like ‘home’ where you were brought up, where your parents live, where everything is familiar, where there are so many memories…………

And I do love Yum Cha – my Friday lunch regular in China Town.....

And I do love that one of my best friends is coming to stay this weekend and we are going to get all glammed and blinged up, wine and dine and dance all night!

And I do love that I’ve lost 2kg from WALKING everywhere in Sydney!

But there is nothing like home.