Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Why can't I write more regularly? I guess I just don't have the concentration span to write every day perhaps!

Can't believe it's nearly May. I do love this time of the year though, Autumn. This time last year we were spending our last days in Paris, about to head to London. Honeymoon. Happy days, culture, food and laughter.

This year I spent last weekend in country NSW with family, nieces, nephew. Went to the Turner to Monet Exhibition in Canberra. Fascinating. Read a book on Van Gogh's life.

We are considering moving out of Balmain. Landlord wants to put the rent up $100 per week. Ridiculous. Think I might look around Annandale, Glebe etc. I do love the inner west and want to stay in the area.

Still trying to work out where to move next year. Brisbane or perhaps back to England (3rd time for me living there!)

Many should be exciting. Heading to the Hunter Valley for my b'day in a few weeks and doing a pasta making course. delicious! trying to get out of Sydney as much as possible!