Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sunday I felt like shit. really really crappy. At the time though, I thought drinking about 20 cocktails on Saturday night was a load of fun. Oh yes the champagne cocktails, (what a mix, vodka, champers, strawberry liquor and strawberries) mint dreams (baileys, creme de menthe and of course cream), and cosmopolitans, and shots of cowboy cocksuckers AND all the other ones...............

Anyway back to my hangover. The only thing that made me feel better was getting onto fountain cosmetics and ordering $400 worth of skin and hair products, yep $400. Fucking ridiculous!!!! I stocked up on mostly dermalogica products and cliniques beauty flash balm (heard this is amazing...... never tried it!) as well as micro dermabrasion products - yada yada!!!! This ALL better be worth it I tell you!

Oh and of course being a sloth on Sunday helped too. Eating loads of choc chip biscuits, thai food and orange juice did wonders.

great....... now I want a quick fuck.............

Saturday, September 24, 2005

It's a Saturday...........

"5 days of work, one whole day of play, comeon everybody wear your rollerskates today.... It's a Saturday........." (De la Soul, a rollerskating jam named saturdays)

One of my good friends, Frederick, who is a French DJ now living in Cairns was also a junior french champion rollerskater! He tried to teach me in London where he was living with my fabulous and very talented graphic artist friend Caroline. Unfortunately I SUCKED! Let me stick to iceskating or skiing............ Fred I miss those London houseparties with you mixing the tunes.................

Before I start my blog 'all about me' I just wanted to show an appreciation for this very talented designer and star......... Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B. label from the NYC 05-06 show. I love her designs, so unique and le funky!

Back to me!

I've had a pretty lovely day! Woke up with a slight hangover, a bottle of bubbly last night and lots of dancing! Walked down to one of my fave coffee shops cibo Divine coffee!!! Then had a full body massage at 11:30am....... divine....... this arvo been doing some study. Tonight I have a 30th Cocktail Party to go too......... not sure whether to wear my very sexy animal print kaftan......... or my black skinny leg zip tsubis with my chinese ballet flats with a aqua kaftan over the top (geez I'm sounding like those vogue forum girls)........ decisions decisions!!! Can't wait to drink those Chi Chis

Kate Moss/The drug debate - let me jump on the bandwagon!

I love Kate Moss

I find the whole situation extremely f**ked up though! See below: this could not sum up my thoughts better. From BBC News online your say.

Kate Moss is being made the scapegoat of the whole industry. The fashion industry has encouraged the youth's party culture for years now, and drugs are a big part of that culture. Refusing to support Kate Moss in this situation only serves to expose their hypocrisy.
Tito, Lisbon, Portugal

Kate the only thing I can say to you is f**k off that Pete Doherty once and for all, let us hope that Sienna Miller is NOT the new face of Chanel or Burberry - phulease! I don't know what is more immoral, being filmed hoovering the marching powder or taking back Jude Law after he's cheated.......... (probably numerous time)

You rock Kate!

Friday, September 23, 2005

want a great mix???

down load these

from the legendary Tukai UK underground music boys............

dance i say dance!

De la Soul/Tribe Called Quest/Jungle Brothers

ok I was around 15 - 16 at the time but all these Hip Hop legends I was and still am taken by. I still listen to my vinyl records by the trio. Q Tip - you rock my world!!!

I was lucky enough to see De la Soul a few times in London. (pic below)

The quote below is from 'A Tribe Called Quest', from the track 'Check the Rhyme'. I especially love the last line 'Record company people are shady'. Only this year have I seen celebs wearing Tshirts with this line.... pretty cool!

"If knowledge is the key then just show me the lock
Got the scrawny legs but I move just like Lou Brock
With speed. I'm agile plus I'm worth your while
One hundred percent intelligent black child
My optic presentation sizzles the retina
How far must I go to gain respect? Ummmm
Well, it's kind of simple, just remain your own
Or you'll be crazy sad and alone
Industry rule number four thousand and eighty:
Record company people are shady"

- Check the Rhime ("The Low End Theory" - A Tribe Called Quest, 1991)

These are the hip hop legends!

and finally............... Black is Black is Black is Black (The Jungle Brothers)

Remember these?

Vivienne Westwood. I am obsessed with her. I don't know if it's because I'm half English myself and my London born granny seemed to have the same hard edge as her or because she made punk so cool, and still seems too.

Her 05-06 collection isso cool. Not everyone's taste, but I j'adore!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Run Em Run

I really don't think that I could be in ANY more pain than I am now. My legs are aching, wanting a soothing massage. I am also soooo tired, I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm dreaming about hitting my pillow and drifting off into darkness.....

Yesterday I ran in a 12km fun run. I was so happy to complete the run in 62 minutes seeing I had been pretty sick for the last few weeks. There were 3 wonderful moments through the run, amongst the pain. The first was at the half way mark, 6km. This is where the 6km entrants start their race. A little girl about 4 or 5 was so excited to see all the runners and gave me a wave and a smile. It was magical. At the 11km mark with 1 km to go, was the next lovely moment. I ran past the tram, only 2 hours earlier I'd hopped on the tram to get to the start of the race. I then realised I only had about 5 more minute of running to complete.

The final fantastic moment was about 200 metres from the finish, when my wonderful boyfriend yelled out 'well done Em, you're nearly there' (After he'd distracted me I nearly ran straight into the back of 4 wheelchair competitors......)

Afterwards we relaxed in our hotel room and I spent a lazy hour in the gorgeous spa overlooking the ocean. We then spent the afternoon drinking champagne and cocktails in the bar. And of course feasting on Mexican and having a few glasses of margarita to go with it! Go that Tequila!!!

I am now planning on going in some more fun runs as it is a wonderful feeling achieving something that you know is doing you good (maybe?!)

Monday, September 12, 2005

A piece of wonderful

Thanks to Julia's blog I hired the DVDs of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset over the weekend, actually I hired them last weekend but just watched them yesterday. I'm always looking for recommendations of movies to watch, especially those movies that aren't mainstream. Well, what can I say. I fell in love! Actually, I only fell in love with the movies after I'd started watching Before Sunset. What a beautiful story. And how exquisite is Julie Delpy She has an elegence about her, reminds me of Grace Kelly. Anyway I was really taken with the Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Beautiful.

Friday, September 09, 2005


I have a beautiful friend called Kate. It's a funny story really. We were in the same grade at Primary School, not close friends but then when we were both 27, we ended up working at the same company! We have become very close, and I often look at her and see myself, not physically but in every other way.

Kate is gorgeous. Beautiful thick long brown hair with highlights, big chocolate brown eyes, freckles, square jaw and a stunning figure.

She is going through a hard time at the moment. This morning at work she emailed me, "Em, I'm not coping today, things aren't going well with Michael, he's not coming tonight, he won't talk to me". Michael is her partner of 5 years. She can do better than him. I don't think he treats her well enough. They were about to buy a house but then at the last minute she had to pull out cos he wouldn't commit. God, I hope she is ok.

We are pretty similar. We are both so healthy with what we eat and exercise, look after our skin by using the best of the bestest products but then we will go out on a bender, drink bottles of bubbly and chain smoke cigarettes! Ha.

I bought her a present today, my dear friend Kate. Just some beaded braclets in wood and amber. I hope she likes them.

I worry about Kate. She is such a wonderful friend but I don't like seeing her upset.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tennessee Williams

I have always been enthrawled by the theatre. One of my earliest memories was watching my mother perform in 'Fiddler on the Roof", growing up with a mother who has always been heavily involved in the theatre has definitely rubbed off on me. Mum has won numerous awards for her acting and has worked with some very influential people.

Anyway I have loved Tennessee Williams plays. My favorites are 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and 'The Glass Menagerie'. He wrote in such a way that really showed the flaws in human nature.

Some of my fave quotes from the 2 plays above:

"You are the only young man that I know of who ignores the fact that the future becomes the present, the present becomes the past, and the past turns into everlasting regret if you don't plan for it!"

"I didn't go to the moon, I went much further -- for time is the longest distance between two places."

"What you are talking about is desire - just brutal Desire. The name of that rattle-trap streetcar that bangs through the Quarter, up one old narrow street and down another."

"Take a look at yourself here in a worn-out Mardi Gras outfit, rented for 50 cents from some rag-picker. And with a crazy crown on. Now what kind of a queen do you think you are?"

It is nearly the weekend

Am hanging for the weekend, been a crazy week and I'm exhausted! My 12km fun run is Sunday week so I've been training hard for that. On the weekend of the fun run, my boyfriend has organised us to stay at the Ramada Grand by the ocean, where the race finishes. So that will be a nice little treat afterwards!

Work has been stressful this week and emotionally I've been a bit of a nutcase! Yes I love being a woman!

To the weekend....... I have a very hip 30th to go to tomorrow night at a groovy little bar called Supermild. Of course I had to go out and buy a new top to wear! Bought a cute little animal print kaftan, about butt length and I'll wear my wide leg tsubi vintage wash jeans with it and some killer black heels......... must get some black chunky beads as well.

Saturday I have a lunch with some good friends by the beach. Unfortunately the weather won't hold - after a stunning 28 degrees today. Boo hoo. Then Saturday night another 30th! It's never ending! This one is a dinner at the Casino. Gawd, what do I wear to that one!?!?!?!?

And I'll TRY and I mean TRY to not drink so much champagne and smoke any ciggies, hell, I only have 1 WEEK until my big run! Surely I can go one weekend without it, no?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Every now and then I have this wave on loneliness come over me. When I was fiercely single and living in England, travelling the world on my own, before I met my *yang* I was desperately lonely. I have always surrounded myself with many friends and family, have always been very social, but sometimes all of this cannot fill the loneliess void. I've always had people be very envious of my outgoing nature, lots of friends and very likeable, but sometimes we just suppress how we are really feeling, such as lonelieness.

The last few weeks I've been feeling like this a bit. My best friend, Catherine and her husband have moved to London. Catherine and I would meet weekly for yoga or coffee on the weekends, we'd go shopping together, drool over the gorgeous clothes and complain about work!

My partner, Ben, is working away this year, 3000km away! He's back ever 3 weeks but when he's away I start to feel lonely. Although a lot of people comment that we have the perfect arrangement, sometimes it's not wo perfect.

On that note

bon nuit

Monday, September 05, 2005


Today is a special day. It is Father's Day in Australia. Luckily the weather has cleared up today after rain all day yesterday. We are taking my father to a gorgeous park for a picnic. Have a basket full of gormet delights to feast on!

This morning I went for a 12km run. It is 2 weeks until the City to Bay fun run. I'm running pretty well at the moment (since I've stayed off the fags and alcohol!!!)

mmm study. Finished my 2nd assignment yesterday, thank god! Post grad study aint easy I tell you! Let's hope it is worth it!

Friday, September 02, 2005

influential people

I have always thought what would it be like to be someone really influential. Someone who has changed the course of living or created something so huge that you can't imagine life without it? Or just someone that people look up to, admire and have so much respect for.

I'm talking of people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Leonardo Di Vinci. Then to modern day people, Coco Chanel, Richard Branson, Audrey Hepburn or Mother Theresa.

Sometimes I dream that one day I could be influential - but I don't seem to have that drive or passion........ I seem to be comfortable living amongst the masses, blending in and not causing a scene.

I do wonder though, what goes through these peoples minds? How would di Vinci feel, 500 years later, people still admiring his paintings and them selling for millions? How would Shakesperare feel that all through the world, Romeo and Juliet is studied at high school, 400 years later?

Amazing stuff!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Beauty is everywhere. And I'm not talking about Audrey Tatou, Grace Kelly or Helena Christensen. I'm talking about beauty in nature.

I walk and run, a lot. And everytime I walk or run, I am still mesmerised by the beauty of nature. It could be the first purples and pinks of sunrise, it could be the changing colours of the leaves in Autumn, the mystery of dusk or a perfect white rose.

Autumn is beauty. Where I live, in Autumn, in the Adelaide Hills it is magical. I will walk the streets mesmerised by the reds, organges and vibrant yellows of the leaves. The picture above was taken in the little village of Stirling, in the Adelaide Hills.